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Mythbusting the VA Loan: Is the Appraisal Process as AWFUL as everyone says?

We’ve been examining different types of mortgage options available to buyers, and most recently, we’ve been diving into the VA loan. This week, we want to discuss one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the VA loan. When it comes to mortgage options, the VA loan is probably the loan with the most misconceptions, which is … Continued

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Advantages of Using a VA Loan for Your Mortgage

We have recently been discussing the different types of mortgage options available for people looking to buy a home. There are many people who think they cannot afford to buy a home or are not eligible to do so, and that is certainly not the case — and we find this sentiment is common among … Continued

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VA Loan Basics: Top 3 Things to Know About VA Loans

Over the past several weeks we have been uncovering some of the different mortgage options available for home buyers. Over the next couple weeks, we will discuss VA loans, thanks to Kristy Noll, an underwriter here at The Mortgage Company. Today, we will look at the top 3 things to know about using a VA … Continued

Community Partner Podcast Series: Dan Hugo with Accounting and Tax Services

[Below is a transcription of the podcast] Cheri Landin: Hello and welcome to The Mortgage Company’s Community Partner Podcast Series.  My name is Cheri Landin and I am the Community Development Director here at The Mortgage Company and one of the things that I get to do is interview some of our community partners and … Continued

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Choosing the Right Mover for Your Move

The last few weeks, we have been discussing the process of moving, and how it can be a stressful and difficult time. With using a professional mover, often times that stress can be alleviated. It all depends on the mover that you choose. Hiring the right mover can make all the difference in the process. … Continued

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Advantages of Using a Professional Mover for Your Move

Last week we discussed how stressful moving can be, and some of the tips you can use to help prepare you for your move. This week, we will be discussing the advantages of hiring a professional mover to help you with your move, instead of trying to do it yourself.  We sat down with Lisa … Continued

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Preparing To Move: Tips from a Pro

Moving to a new home can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Especially when it comes to packing all your belongings and making the actual move. Moving can be a very overwhelming and stressful experience. We recently sat down with Lisa … Continued

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an FHA Loan

Last week, we started our discussion on the FHA loan, or the Federal Housing Administration loan. There are a number of advantages of an FHA Loan that make it appealing to home buyers, especially those that may find buying a home a challenge or think they don’t have the funds or credit score etc. to … Continued