Created by owner Dave Landin and launched at the end of 2020, Investmint is a brand new initiative to engage with various charities. The goal is to empower each of The Mortgage Co.'s team members in giving back to their community - creating an impact beyond a simple financial donation.

How It Works

Each employee has been given $1,000 to begin an engagement with a charity of their choice, that has personal meaning and that the individual wants to help.

As an extra incentive for employees to become involved, The Mortgage Co. will be awarding four projects additional grant money ($10,000, $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000) for their respective charities. Submissions will be considered by a panel & will be awarded based on various criteria including:

Impact Created

Project Sustainability

Personal Growth

A Note from Dave

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Imagine the impact that can be made when each person on our team is given $1,000 to invest in a charity or cause that is meaningful to them. It is my hope that the creation of Investmint not only brings a smile to the selected charities and to the community - but also but that each team member personally feels a sense of purpose in helping those around them.

We believe in our community and care for those around us. We want to support those who have supported us over the years - and the community as a whole.

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