Investmint Mintee Stories

This year-long program will help over 50 organizations. A handful of Mintees introduce us to the organizations they chose to serve with this program, and the importance that they have to each of them personally.

Cody Steigerwald - Heart's Playbook

Shanna Landin - Planned Parenthood

Kristy Noll - Soul Dog Rescue

Allen Lundberg - Khesed Wellness

Colton Williams - Parker Task Force
for Human Services

A Note from Dave

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Imagine the impact that can be made when each employee is given $1,000 to invest in a charity or cause that is meaningful to them. It is my hope that the creation of Investmint not only brings a smile to the selected charities and to the community - but also but that each employee personally feels a sense of purpose in helping those around them.

We believe in our community and care for those around us. We want to support those who have supported us over the years - and the community as a whole.