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Vince Parenti

Mortgage Banker


Having been a high school math teacher for 14 years, Vince knows a thing or two about problem-solving. He’s also personally been through two frustrating home purchases so he understands how complex and intimidating the process can be. With the patience of a teacher explaining a new mathematical theory and the empathy of one who’s been there, Vince helps his clients break it all down until it makes sense.

Always one to accomplish what he sets his mind to when given the space to grow, learn, and develop, Vince applies that same drive to his role in the mortgage industry. He loves using his knowledge and expertise to ease the often-frustrating home buying experience.


Vince has a bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics, a teaching license, a masters in secondary mathematics education, and a loan origination license. He has been honored to lead mathematics departments and be chosen to help open new schools. (He even had a bit part in an education documentary.) Not surprisingly, he would tell you his strengths are in deductive reasoning areas like math and logic. He’s not a human calculator, however. Instead, while often focused on making logical sense of things, he is thoughtful and keeps people’s needs, feelings, and concerns in clear view.


What helps Vince keep his perspective are his three little girls. He knows now first hand that parenting is anything but logical at times, yet he is determined to learn all he can and be the best dad he can be, making the world a better place for them to grow up in.
When not reading and studying how to be a good parent, Vince enjoys video games, board games, and trying to stay in shape. He enjoys sports but doesn’t obsess over them, and he is a Star Wars fanatic, often diving into one of the novels from the ’80s and ’90s.
He is continually inspired by people who continue to grow and learn. He knows it’s easy for us all to fall into a routine and steadily live out our days and years. But some seem never to be satisfied and always continue to push themselves; they are a constant reminder to Vince that he has a lot to learn and is capable of much more than he knows.
Vince is a Colorado native but has traveled a lot, frequently with his math students. And while he’s loved seeing places in Europe, Mexico, and around the United States. He often finds the most fulfilling travel is just getting into the Colorado mountains and reconnecting with nature.

Words Vince lives by: “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.” -Annette Funicello

There are going to be plenty of bad experiences in life, and we will try our best to avoid them, but we won’t let the ones that slip through define our experience.