• Centennial, CO
  • Cell Phone: (303) 898-5279
  • Toll Free: (833) 300-1925
  • NMLS #: 251043

Susie Ellis

mortgage banker



With a Business Degree and a background in Real Estate, becoming a Loan Originator was the perfect transition for Susie. She has seen a lot of changes in this dynamic industry over her 17 year career, but one thing that has remained constant is her focus on her clients. She loves building long-term relationships with them, being available not just during the process but after as well. As a result she has a loyal client base, reflecting her ability to listen and really care.

Staying busy but with a sense of balance is what drives Susie in her life both at work and at home. When active physically, she can stay focused mentally and even though like everyone, she compromises from time to time, she is motivated by the challenge to keep all areas of her life in balance. She also makes honesty her top priority, believing that from it, all else comes: integrity, trust, respect and professionalism – all important and valued qualities.

Her young adult children are her greatest joy and as a result, she does a lot of loans for first time homebuyers – many who are her kids’ friends. When she works with these clients, she often approaches the task as any mother would, making sure to look out for their very best interests.


Susie is from El Paso, Texas and appreciates the unique experience she had growing up in such a rich and diverse culture, as well as tight community. She studied journalism for 3 years at the University of Texas, then visited Colorado one summer. She went back to Texas only to collect her things and finished her education at Metro State College, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in Business Communications.


Susie is an avid tennis player but also enjoys skiing, yoga, hiking and climbing the mini-incline in Castle Rock. She basically enjoys anything that gets her outside into the Colorado sunshine and keeps her in the moment (one of the many ways she seeks that balance in her life).

Words Susie lives by: “I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.” (Thank you, Jimmy Buffet!)