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Cynthia Laudick

mortgage banker



Starting out as a Realtor, Cynthia has been in the mortgage business since 1979, and a 5280 Five Star Mortgage Professional since 2014. She offers her knowledge and expertise not only to her clients but also her fellow loan officers who often seek her out for advice on sales, or questions regarding guidelines. Her attentiveness, responsiveness, refined communication skills, genuine care and happy, energetic personality all contribute to her success.

Finding the best loan solution for her clients is her top priority but she often needs to remind them to be patient with the process. Affectionately known as the “Mortgage Mommy”, Cynthia helps her clients understand the potential ups and downs and encourages them to hang in there, knowing it will all be worth it when they hold the keys to their dream home!

Cynthia truly believes in and loves what she does, considering it a blessing and a privilege to help make dreams come true.


Raised in a military family, Cynthia really is from Anywhere, USA! She has traveled all over the world and lived in many different countries, graduating from high school in England. So that she could be at home with her two (now amazing adult) children, she took a break from mortgage banking and was a working artist. Her painting success allowed her to take her family on vacation every year. After her life took some interesting and challenging turns, Cynthia happily returned to the business in 2010.

She LOVES to entertain and cook, believing that food is love, and when not cheering on the Broncos or Rockies, she enjoys exploring art, wine and music festivals all over the Denver area.
And she never lost the travel bug – loves having upcoming trips (especially other countries) to look forward to. Her favorite? Tuscany.


Inspired by her family, who made her who she is today, Cynthia is also inspired by military families and their sacrifice of their loved ones for our freedom. Driven by the Golden Rule, she is one of the “Forces behind the Forces” and gives back by volunteering every Friday at the USO.