Mythbusting the VA Loan: Is the Appraisal Process as AWFUL as everyone says?

We’ve been examining different types of mortgage options available to buyers, and most recently, we’ve been diving into the VA loan. This week, we want to discuss one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the VA loan.

When it comes to mortgage options, the VA loan is probably the loan with the most misconceptions, which is disheartening given the great benefits it has to our military members and their families. But a lot of these misconceptions actually stem from the appraisal process itself.

The grueling appraisal process

We’re not sure where it started, but for some reason, buyers, real estate agents, and sometimes lenders, have it in their heads that the VA appraisal process is grueling and time-consuming. That is not the case. The VA appraisers actually have stricter time constraints than conventional appraisers. They have a certain amount of time in which they have to complete their appraisal and report. So typically, the appraisal process goes a lot quicker than people are led to believe.

Because of this misconception though, there are people that believe that VA buyers also have longer closing times and are less likely to close. Which again, is not the case.

There is also the misconception surrounding the unreasonable appraisal requirements. When in reality, the FHA and VA appraisals aren’t much different. They are simply looking for health and safety issues such as a broken handrail or chipped and peeling lead paint. These are not outrageous, and most times you wouldn’t want to buy a home if there were serious health and safety concerns anyway.

Many sellers and real estate agents will turn their noses up at a VA Loan and this a direct result of these misconceptions. Real Estate agents, lenders, sellers, all parties need to educate themselves on the VA loan. It is not as complicated as people make it out to be and it is a great opportunity to help our service men and women. Education is key when it comes to the VA loan. One final piece of advice is to make sure you work with lenders and real estate agents who are familiar and experience in VA loans. Lenders must be approved and vetted by the VA but it is critical to find people who have experience and know the ins and outs of the loan. It will make your home buying or selling process a lot smoother.



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