Details of Building a Modular Home

Last week, we discussed modular homes, what they are and how they are different than a mobile home, or a sticks and bricks home, as well as some of the numerous benefits they offer. You can listen to the entire podcast here, featuring Audree Grubesic of Modular Sure Site. This week, we are discussing more of the details of building a modular home, including the timeline and process involved, in an effort to educate the public on modular homes.

The process of building a modular home is very similar to building a new home, but can, in fact, be a little simpler. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  • Figure out your budget: Just as you would if you were buying a home or planning to build a home, you need to figure out how much you can afford and your financial worth. Especially in building a home, staying under budget can become a source of worry. With a modular home, builders are very budget conscientious and will work with you to make sure everything is completed according to budget.
  • Find land: You will, of course, need to find land to place your home on. This includes looking at location, community, etc. Once you find your land, it is important to have a surveyor come out and mark your boundaries. The land will also need to be cleared out and leveled in order for the foundation to be poured.
  • Design Your Home: Choose any type of floor type and design you want, down to the tile, countertops, and any other detail you can think of. Your home will be delivered to you with all of this completed. This saves you the hassle of going to the tile store, for example, and choosing the right one in your price point. You do all of this beforehand with your module build and it is delivered with all those details complete.
  • Get ready for delivery: As mentioned above, while your home is being built in the factory, you will need to get your land surveyed, cleared out and leveled. Once that is complete, the foundation must be poured. Once your home is ready to be delivered, you may need to warn neighbors about the incoming delivery, or streets may need to be cleared in order to accommodate. Once the home is put in place, you will only need to hook up utilities and perform finishing details, such as the driveway or yard.

The whole process can take a lot less time than a sticks and bricks home build, especially if you live in an area like Denver, where weather can interfere with the timeline.

We’ve spent the last couple weeks discussing modular homes, the benefits of building a modular home, what the process is, and more. Especially given the rapidly growing Denver population compared to the number of people who aren’t leaving their homes, there aren’t many options available for affordable housing. Module homes or system builds, can be a solution for those people. If you are interested in building a modular home, do your research ahead of time, or reach out to our Community Partner Audree Grubesic of Modular Sure Site for General Contractor site work and the process of building a modular new home. Or if you’re curious about your budget, or what you can afford, reach out to us at The Mortgage Co and we’d happy to look that over with you.


About Audree Grubesic

Audree’s background started in Chicago, as a television engineer for CBS-WBBM TV and then to ABC-WLS TV. She has always been interested in technology, behind the scenes of broadcast news, speaking about life events and connecting with real people. From television she moved onto radio sales, direct response marketing and sales. 16 years ago, she relocated to Colorado Springs, CO. While in the Springs, she created, developed and designed a publishing company called PETacular. It was the brainchild of Audree Grubesic and Kelly Nesbit. The goal was to connect people and pets through statewide pet directories, quarterly publications, Yappy Hours and pet expos. After 11 years of building PETacular the business, it was sold to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Through sales and marketing she met several builders and discovered a love for the building industry. She became a quick study of luxury home builds as the director of sales and marketing for two prominent custom home builders.  She and her family moved to Denver, CO in 2016. Because of the high cost of living in Denver, affordable living was her quest. “Everyone should be able to afford a home they love. A home is the foundation for living and connecting.” Modular Sure Site was created to assist builders and clients to understanding the build process, have a well designed foundation and site work for their home place. Our goal is to have our homeowners feel a sense of accomplishment moving into their brand new affordable custom home.


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