The Basics of Modular Homes

Denver is expanding rapidly as we’ve discussed before. There are thousands of people moving to Denver, and many of these people are looking to purchase homes. However, with all this expansion comes higher purchase prices, which means people are looking for affordable housing options and viable alternatives. This is true for not only Denver but … Continued

Affordable Housing Alternatives in the Denver Market

[Below is a transcript of the podcast] Cheri Landin: Hello and welcome to our community podcast which this month is on affordable housing. We all know that here in the Denver market, the population has absolutely exploded over the last several years and I really don’t see any stopping that trend. There are so many … Continued

What You Need To Know About Credit Inquiries

Recently we’ve been discussing credit scores, thanks to our Community Partner Alexandra Erlich of Riverstone Law. There are so many questions surrounding credit and credit scores that we decided to answer the most common ones over the last few weeks. This week, we will be discussing credit inquiries, which is something that we get asked … Continued

The Four Different Types of Credit Accounts

We sat down with Alexandra Erlich of Riverstone Law to discuss credit scores on our latest episode of the Community Partner Education Series. Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing some of the questions we hear when it comes to credit scores. One of the most common questions we hear is in regards … Continued

What Are The Factors That Go Into A Credit Score?

On our latest episode of the Community Partner Education Series, we set down with Alexandra Erlich of Riverstone Law to uncover some of the questions surrounding credit scores. Especially in the mortgage world, credit scores are critical to your ability to borrow money. We wanted to know exactly what factors go into a credit score. … Continued

Is It Possible To Reach That Perfect Credit Score?

Cheri Landin: Hello and welcome to the podcast on credit scores. Can we get to that perfect 850? Is it possible? There’s so much consumer confusion just wrapped around the whole credit score issue and really kind of what plays into it, what do consumers need to do, how can they maximize their score. Those … Continued

I’m Pre-Approved: What’s Next in the Home Buying Process?

We recently interviewed Pamela Primm of Ion Real Estate and Lisa Souza from the Mortgage Company to discuss the process of buying a home in the Denver area. You can listen to the full podcast or read the transcription here. Last week, we discussed the loan process and different options for mortgages. This week we … Continued

Why Should You Buy Real Estate?

We recently sat down with Pamela Primm from Ion Real Estate and Lisa Souza from The Mortgage Company on our most recent episode of our Community Program Podcast. You can listen to the podcast or find the entire transcription here. We took a few nuggets of information from that podcast to bring you this post … Continued

Renting vs Buying In the Denver Market Podcast

[Below is a transcription of the podcast] Cheri Landin:  Hello and welcome to our buying versus renting podcast. This show is for people who are new to Colorado and are ready to buy and for first time homeowners out there. Are you ready to buy but don’t know what price point you should be looking … Continued

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