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Mandy Kwiatek

DE underwriter


Driven by a strong belief that people are valuable and should be treated accordingly, Mandy is one who takes extra time to care for those around her. She strives to always put others first and, even though she feels she is able to read people fairly accurately, prefers to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. She chooses to love and trust everyone (until they give her a reason not to) and pours her energy into not just being happy, but making others happy as well.  

As an underwriter for TMC, Mandy brings 26 years of experience in the industry (along with her government designations with the FHA and VA) and demonstrates efficiency, speed and a strong desire to help others. Her organization and relationship skills come in handy as she works with her colleagues, always seeking answers to their questions, wanting everyone to succeed in what they do. 



Mandy grew up in Ogallala, Nebraska (home of Lake McConaughy), a very small town where everyone knows everyone. She believes this really helped shape who she is and appreciates the unique experience it offered.  Another strong influence in her life was her grandmother – a woman of poise and dignity who, in spite of difficult circumstances, always made others feel welcome and was quick to lend a helping hand. 

When not at work, you will more than likely find Mandy out shopping, attending one of her kids’ events or simply spending time with her family.  



When she finds herself with free time, Mandy enjoys watching her favorite TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, Law & Order and Hallmark movies) and eating out in restaurants.  

She is most proud of her kids. They are good people, motivated to fulfill their dreams. Each one is unique and Mandy has enjoyed the process of helping them grow up to believe they can be and do anything they want to. She looks forward to seeing and being a part of their futures while she continues to grow in career, enjoying what she’s doing for many years to come. 

She would also love to adopt or foster children someday, as she believes every child deserves to be loved and cared for. 


Words Mandy lives by: “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.” And, “Spread love wherever you go.”