• West Linn, OR
  • Phone: (503) 908-LOAN (5626)
  • Cell Phone: (503) 956-4304
  • Fax: (866) 665-6260
  • NMLS #: 285140

Katie Walsh

Mortgage Banker


Katie’s primary goal as a lender is to see to it that all of her clients are pre-approved before getting into the car with their Realtor, knowing that it simplifies the process for everyone and gives them as buyers that competitive edge when making an offer on a home. She makes it her priority to stay connected with all of her clients and co-workers and she values being available to them anytime. She knows that she’s either going to make them laugh (she was proudly the class clown of her graduating class) or set their mind at ease, but preferably both!

Always wanting to help others understand the often-confusing mortgage industry, Katie is most at home when educating a group of people – large or small. She’s often asked to “do the talking”, which she’s good with.


Katie is from the fabulous town of West Linn, Oregon (just outside of Portland) and she returned there three years ago to raise her children.

She is inspired by the strong women in her inner circle and their strength, honesty, authenticity and wit. She consistently spends her personal time with them – and others like them – who make her want to be a better person.

And when it comes to awards…you know the Medal of Bravery given to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo by the Galactic Republic at the Royal Award Ceremony after the destruction(ish) if the Death Star? She has one of those.


When not offering the best service in the galaxy to her clients, you will find Katie poking around a local Farmer’s Market as she loves to see people proudly displaying their fruit, bobbles and art. She also loves spending time with family and friends or losing herself in a craft. She quilts, crochets, knits and embroiders. Please let her know if you’d like for her to make you something!

Music is her church to the extent that if you place her in a small pub with a local bluegrass or folk band, she’ll leave more centered and at peace. She loves her roles of mother, friend and lender and unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve, and gives her all to passionately serving those in need.

Words Katie lives by: “Work hard, play hard, laugh daily.”