John was extremely helpful throughout our entire home buying process. As first time home buyers, he made sure to explain each step and was knowledgeable in offering advice and answering our questions. Additionally, we appreciated his reliable communication and follow up. We would recommend John to anyone looking for a home mortgage!

Rachel Van Dissel | Colorado

By far the best experience we have had buying a home. John was so helpful with our mortgage and available whenever we needed him or had questions. It felt like a family friend was helping us through the whole process. We can’t say enough about how great John was!

Katherine Economopoulos | Colorado

John Emrich

  • Milestone
  • Cell Phone: (303) 909-9181
  • NMLS #: 1557403

Mortgage Banker



Driven by a big-picture perspective, John sees a mortgage as part of one’s overall financial plan. He uses his 20 years as a Chartered Financial Analyst and institutional investing experience to get his clients into not just any mortgage, but the right one.

At every opportunity, John practices “the three treasures of Tao”…Simplicity, Compassion and Humility, striving to achieve them not only in his life outside of the office, but in the way he works with his clients as well.


John has an economics degree from Tufts University and two masters degrees: an MBA in finance from UCLA and a MSES in Conservation Biology. The first he did for work, the second he did for fun.

When not putting his education and expertise to work to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients, you will find John spending time with his four sons or adopting a shelter dog (he’s up to three!). Whether helping to coach year-round lacrosse or camping and fishing with his youngest, John cherishes time spent with each one. He and his wife see their decent and responsible kids not only as their legacy, but also their social security.
They tell their boys everyday: Be humble and kind.


John is most inspired by his father who, even though he came from hardship, never talks about it – only how lucky in life he feels. Problems and headaches roll off his back like water – something John tries to demonstrate in his own life at both work and home.

John grew up near Newark, NJ, which likely has the largest Portuguese population outside of Lisbon, inspiring him to visit Portugal twice. He played football, baseball and his grandfather’s violin and is a self-proclaimed born and raised classic rock fan. He’s also an avid reader with one of his favorite books being Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky.