• Centennial, CO
  • Phone: 303-300-1850

Jess Shields

Processing Assistant

Meet Jess Shields

As a processing assistant for TMC, Jess brings a knack for detail and an ability to work fast and efficiently. Stressful situations add a positive challenge and often bring out her best. She also enjoys the tedious work that others avoid, keeping her eye on the big picture and how to make things run better and more smoothly. With an inventive yet practical approach, she often goes to out-of-the box ideas when faced with a problem to solve, making her a valuable team member in the mortgage industry.

Jess has always been inspired by no-nonsense, level-headed and generous women. Most influential in her life were her grandmother and aunts who played a big role in shaping her life. They encouraged her to overcome life’s hurdles to become someone she is proud of.

After studying interior design, Jess’s ambitious nature and love for “the feel of the steel” landed her in the car business for several years. She has worked with and loved cars (especially cool and fast ones!) ever since college and thoroughly enjoyed her time in that industry. In her free time, you will still find her racing cars and attending car shows.

Originally from Naples, Florida, Jess attended college in Texas and landed in the Denver area in 2015 where she intends to stay. She enjoys the great Colorado outdoors, longboarding or hiking with her “better half” and dog whenever she gets the chance. In addition, Jess loves music, “the language of her soul”, going to movies, and the Marvel universe, especially Iron Man comics which she started collecting when she was young. When she picks up something to read, it’s often a self-help book, appreciating the better mental-health space it takes her.

If you ask Jess about her personal style, she will say, “Halloween”, and that she would like to someday own her own haunted house!

Words Jess lives by: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown