• Centennial, CO
  • Phone: (720) 279-4722

Carrie Read

Director of Compliance and Quality Control


 Although born in a small Illinois farm town with her early years spent just outside of Chicago, Carrie has been in Colorado since she was seven and is pleased to call it home. An “old soul” with a lot of drive, she tends to move ahead in work and in life faster than most. Carrie married and started a family at a young age and has climbed the ladder quickly and successfully in the mortgage industry since 2005. She rarely slows down and her accomplishments reflect it. 

 She is the current Operations Manager for TMC and attributes her strong work ethic and motivation to her kids as well as her upbringing. Her father is a self-made man who modeled gratitude, an overcoming attitude, and provided lots of encouragement to not give up easily and to give her all to everything she sets out to do. 


 A levelheaded problem solver, Carrie resolves issues and creates systems quickly and efficiently. Whether guiding individual roles, or directing an entire company, she utilizes her ability to clearly define and then execute what is needed in any given situation. Being a natural leader as well as a team player, Carrie’s colleagues look up to her and seek her advice regularly. She loves to write but with an analytical approach. This comes in handy when designing policies, procedures and workflows. She strives to help each person she works with become passionate about their contribution to the strength and dynamic of the team. 

 She thrives on building relationships, makes friends easily and brings a thoughtful, detailed and observant style to each one. She has a strong desire for harmony both at work and at home and seeks it at every opportunity. 

 Carrie has been referred to as the “great wizard behind almost every curtain” in the business, regardless of her role. As a result, she has received many peer nominated awards as well as promotions throughout her career. She has been able to help all pieces of a mortgage division be successful and her fellow employees love their jobs, and she is excited to see what the future holds for TMC. 


 When she’s not making TMC a well-oiled machine, you will find Carrie enjoying her two teenagers and their numerous activities. Her project-oriented style keeps her constantly occupied both in and outside of work, but when she has a rare moment of free time, she’ll spend it with a glass of wine and HGTV, or writing in a journal to her kids. She also loves gardening, hiking, all types of music and occasional good read when her favorite author publishes something new.  

It’s fun for her to think that she’ll be an empty nester at 41 and looks forward to traveling more and hopefully becoming a published author herself. 

Words Carrie lives by: “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold.” – Bob Marley. And “The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost.