We went through her for a refi. Even with all the headaches the previous mortgage company gave us, she still did an awesome job and got our house refinanced.

Justin Marriott | Colorado

Brook was always there for us when we had questions and she had answers for all our questions and if she didn’t know she would find out and get back to us.

Garrett Shotts | Colorado

Brooke was always available always got back to me in a timely manner always able to answer my questions. Worked super hard to help make sure I had all my ducks in a row for the loan. Thank you for making this a very pleasant experience for myself

Sunni Douty | Colorado

Brooke was professional and conscientious throughout the process of our loan. She fully explained things to us and she was always available to us by phone. Her professionalism far exceeded that of others we encountered in this process. She is a credit to The Mortgage Company. My hope is that she can be recognized as the kind, knowledgeable professional that she is.

Jerry Poole | Colorado

Brooke Drake made it great because she was very professional and gave us good advice

Richard Hix | Colorado

Brooke Drake

  • Cañon City, CO
  • Phone: (719) 275-4450
  • Cell Phone: (719) 429-9757
  • Fax: (866) 422-4925
  • NMLS #: 1645250

Mortgage Banker



Passionate about life, Brooke demonstrates this most with her family, but
also with the people she helps as a loan officer. She gets as excited as her
borrowers when they get the keys to their new home because she knows she
helped them get there. She fully invests herself into making the home
ownership dream a reality and thoroughly enjoys the whole process.

Brooke’s competitive nature and strong work ethic also contribute to her
success and love for what she does. Whether racing with her husband to see
who can get the kids buckled in the fastest or achieving the best possible
outcome for her clients, Brooke gives it her all.


The only thing Brooke loves as much as her family is being outside,
especially when the two are combined. Hiking, gardening, homesteading or
even the zoo or archery range (she’s a fantastic shot, by the way!) are the
places you’re likely to find Brooke on any given Saturday.

She and her husband also make it a priority to teach their kids the value of
hard work and perseverance. They are proud that their teamwork has paid off
with clever and respectable children who are passionate about life. They
know first-hand that “teamwork makes the dream work.” Through her kids,
Brooke knows that NOTHING in life is unattainable and she strives to be more
like them.


Originally from Louisiana, Brooke grew up in both Kansas and Colorado and
she loves to travel anywhere and everywhere. She enjoys flipping furniture –
a hobby she took up with her husband to furnish their home.
With a love for numbers and aerospace, Brooke started out as an engineering
major in college. With several engineers in her family, she knew it wasn’t
going to be a great fit with her desires for a family. While there isn’t a
great deal of science involved in the mortgage industry, there is a good
 amount of math and making homeownership dreams come true and Brooke finds it
to be the perfect fit.

Words Brooke lives by: “Carpe Diem! Embracing opportunities today means new
possibilities tomorrow.”