• Cañon City, CO
  • Phone: (719) 275-4450
  • Fax: (866) 422-4925

Ainee Loper

Office Assistant


Naturally positive and friendly, Ainee brings an upbeat energy to the Canon City office of TMC. She loves being around people and serving others, so whether client or co-worker, she treats everyone like family and makes it her top priority to see to it that their needs are met and that they feel happy and cared for. She attributes this in part to her mother who always modeled service, kindness and respect, but her biggest inspirations are her husband and kids. They have taught her patience, that she can do anything she sets her mind to, and to explore new challenges and possibilities.


Ainee was born and raised in the Philippines where her humble beginnings helped her to become strong, determined to learn, and most importantly, to be appreciative and thankful.

After high school, she worked overseas to help her family and that’s where she met her husband. His military career had them moving a lot, but eventually landed them in Colorado. Ainee became a CNA and worked in an Alzheimer’s and dementia care unit for three years where she loved being an advocate for the residents. She misses them dearly but is now enjoying her role of Office Assistant at TMC.


On the weekends you will most likely find Ainee on the baseball field watching her son play in tournaments or spending time with her kids playing pool in her husband’s “man cave”. They also enjoy watching movies and TV shows, biking and walking their dog Xena the Rottweiler.

She loves all kinds of music and especially loves to sing. She is even a professional back in the Philippines, having won several contests there! It gave her a lot of joy to use her winnings to help her family. She loves vinegar (seriously), Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino, Coldstone Ice-cream, Asian food and hates thunder and lightning.

In the future, Ainee hopes to travel and spend more time with her family, to learn new things, to keep her body and mind healthy and to have financial stability.

Words Ainee lives by: “Life is short! So, do what makes you happy!” And, “It’s never too late to begin again and start something new.”